Acupressure Stress Relief Mat

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It's times like these in a world of struggle where it becomes very important to keep your stress levels as low as possible in order to have a healthy mind and body.

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This really is healing in stillness, especially when you’re lying on hundreds of acupressure points. Our acupressure mat and pillow set does the healing work for you. Simply lie down on your back (start with 10 minutes a day, working up to 30) and each spike-like node puts pinpointed pressure on your back, neck and head to stimulate blood flow throughout the body, melting away aches, pains and soreness and stress.

  • Mat with hundreds of pressure-point nodes
  • Increases circulation
  • Aids in relaxation, pain relief
  • Eases stress and reduces tension
  • Lie on mat, pillow 10-30 minutes a day