Booty Bands Resistance Exercise

$24.99 $34.99

Regardless of your fitness level you can easily incorporate Booty Bands™ into your workouts. From beginners all the way up to booty-building experts can benefit from Booty Bands™.

Want a toned and lifted booty?

We've got you covered! 

+ Lift tone and sculpt your booty

+ Tone inner thighs and abs

+ Workout anywhere

+ 100+ exercises

+ 5 levels of resistance

+ Compact and portable 

 Booty Bands™ can be used for multiple exercises including, Squats, Banded side-walks, Donkey Kicks, Clamshells, Fire Hydrants, Standing Glute Kicks, Hip Thrusts, Hip Bridges, Lunges just to name a few.